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Duro Steel Arch Building 114' Metal Hand Welded Industrial Base Connector Plate

Duro Steel Arch Building 114' Metal Hand Welded Industrial Base Connector Plate

Duro Steel Arch Building 114' Metal Hand Welded Industrial Base Connector Plate   Duro Steel Arch Building 114' Metal Hand Welded Industrial Base Connector Plate
114' of Hand Welded Double Punched Galvalume Plus Steel Industrial Base Plate. NEW Duro Steel Hand Welded Industrial Base Plate for any Brand ARCH TYPE STEEL Building. 114' Linear Feet of Hand Welded Connector Plate for any Arch Building Welded & 9 Tall Double Bolted unlike any other. Can be used with any Brand & or Manufacturers Steel Arch style Structure.

Let us know if your Building has Endwalls / Made especially for ANY Steel Buildings! Our Hand Welded Base Plate is made to order for any Manufacturers Arch type Steel or Metal Building. Easy to Install by Surface Mounting! Avoid the Key Way and Trough System.

Have You Seen Our Steel Buildings? High Quality I-Beam Buildings by Duro Steel. Highly versatile and perfect for any commercial industrial, farm, or consumer application.

Each building is custom designed to your specification, and still accommodates your county wind and snow load. It will meet or exceed industry standards and regional requirements.

Our steel commercial buildings, with few width limitations, allow you to erect huge metal buildings with clear spans widths of 100 to 200+feet (30-60+ meters). An excellent choice of American-made structures: from airplane hangars to mini-storage type buildings with multiple interior units with individual exterior doors. High Quality Arch Buildings by Duro Steel. Duro Span hut is defined as any self-supporting structure, usually in an "arch" or curved shape.

There are no interior posts, trusses or support beams of any kind. The exterior sheeting is the building. To assemble an Duro Span building, you first layout each individual section of the arch on the ground each section is usually no bigger then 8-12 feet long (3-4 meters). You bolt all the sections together to make the first arch.

You pull up the assembled arch and attach it to its foundation. Each additional section is assembled in the same manor and attached to the other standing arches.

Each arch is usually about 2 feet wide (1/2 meter). To make the building longer, just add more arches. There is no limit as to how long this building can be. Unique to the Duro Span arch type steel building is you can leave one or both ends completely open without losing the integrity of the structure.

Take the Time to REALLY Compare Us! We don't just sell buildings, we engineer, design and detail your building. Our in house Engineers are available at all times to make sure you get just the building you wanted. Additional Cost Or Not Available. We are all humans and errors can come up, however our expert technicians and customer service specialist are available at all times to make things right.

All components including sheeting, I-beams, accessories and even doors are manufactured in house. Our Pre-Cut, Pre-Punched and Pre-Drilled Parts allow quick and easy assembly.

No drilling or welding required. Our Long Life Hex Flange Bolts, Hex Nuts, Washers, Screws & Fasteners with Matching Finish ensure tightness and weather protection for the entire building. All Duro Steel Buildings come with cable bracing which will add strength and rigidity. All Framed Openings come with Jamb & Header cover trim giving your building a more attractive finish. Minimum 15 GA Steel to keep you and your belongings safe.

About Duro Steel - Important Additional Information. The name Duro Steel is recognized around the world to be a leader in pre-fabricated and Industrial Steel Buildings. Our factory has been manufacturing and distributing Steel Buildings for over 20 years!

The demand for environmentally-friendly construction products and practices, or green buildings, has accelerated in recent years. Duro Steel Buildings is well aware of this demand and offers the highest quality 100% recyclable steel buildings. Our Offices are in the same Location since July of 1998. Duro Steel is proud to provide quality products with Customer Service Second to None! Duro Buildings is a trusted brand name and one of the largest Full Service Steel Building Providers on the Internet.

We are also verified PayPalT and eBayT merchant since 2001. See our about us page. PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE: If you find this item less expensive anywhere on the Internet, let us know and we will match or beat that price when Comparing Apples to Apples! SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: We take pride in providing prompt and courteous customer service.

Our goal is to make your customer and shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Duro Steel Arch Building 114' Metal Hand Welded Industrial Base Connector Plate   Duro Steel Arch Building 114' Metal Hand Welded Industrial Base Connector Plate